Welcome to PAS Sound Engineering Ltd

As one of the UK leading suppliers of commercial sound and communication systems with three decades of successful trading, we know that every client's requirements are unique. With our vast experience of providing public address, background music and Tannoy systems in all manner of locations, we will assist you to get your requirements exactly right, with affordable high quality products and technical services.

PAS Sound - your partner for commercial audio systems.

Our Main Websites


Our main site, packed with everything you could ever need to know about public address, voice alarm, induction loops, emergency lockdown communication system, disabled refuge and much more. With detailed information on the systems we install and the services we provide as well as case studies of we've carried out in a huge array of market sectors, visit www.pas-sound.co.uk to find out more.

PAS Online Shop

We've been supplying and installing commercial and industrial public address systems for more years than we can remember, so can offer you the knowledge you require to select components and install a system which offers you clear, effective communications at reasonable cost. Visit our online shop at www.public-address-shop.co.uk

Our Specialist Websites

Church Sound

Our website dedicated to the supply, installation and maintenance of audio visual systems for your church.

It doesn't matter what your church is like, if you require sound, video equipment and associated technical services for your building, you have just come to the right place!

Visit www.church-sound.co.uk

Induction Loops

Our dedicated Induction Loops and AFILS Assisted Hearing Systems website. With easy to follow guides and helpful advice and product information, case studies and working examples of loop systems, PAS Sound are the experts to call for all your induction loop / AFILS requirements.

Take a look at what we can do for you at www.loop-systems.co.uk

Disabled Refuge

Disabled refuge systems are designed for use in buildings that contain refuge areas. This dedicated website simplifies the complexities of emergency voice communication systems, including advice on how to choose a suitable disabled refuge system, detailed information on the different kinds of systems.

Visit www.disabled-refuge.co.uk

Public Address Info

A site dedicated do demystifying public address. With advice on planning, installing and testing a PA system as well as in depth information on audio principles and theory. From a a detailed history of Public Address to step by step guides on correctly wiring and setting up a full system, Public Address info has all the information you need. Visit us at www.public-address-info.co.uk